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(2021/09/02) Transcoding to 32-bit WAV is now supported.

Latest change

(2023/11/13) MinimStreamer 2.0.12 has been released

MinimStreamer support

Support for MinimStreamer is provided through the MinimStreamer section of the MinimServer forum. If you have a problem with MinimStreamer, or if you need any help, please create a new thread in the MinimStreamer section by doing the following:

  1. Register for the MinimServer forum by clicking "Register" from the main forum page
  2. Login to the MinimServer forum
  3. On the main forum page, click on "MinimStreamer"
  4. From the MinimStreamer section, click on "New Thread" at the right-hand side of the page
  5. Enter a subject and text in the fields provided. You may want to use the Thread Subscription section to request a notification when there's a response to this thread. To preview your post before you send it (always a good idea), click the "Preview Post" button and make any changes needed. When you're happy with your post, click "Post Thread".

If your problem appears similar to a problem that's been discussed on another thread, you can post to that thread instead of creating a new thread. If it's a new problem, or if you're not sure whether it's a new problem, it's best to start a new thread, as this makes things easier for other forum users.

The MinimServer forum is monitored closely, so you should receive a prompt response.