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(2021/09/02) Transcoding to 32-bit WAV is now supported.

Latest change

(2021/09/02) MinimStreamer 2.0.9 has been released

[NEW] MinimStreamer 2 has replaced MinimStreamer 0.7. The license to use MinimStreamer 0.7 expired on 1st April 2021. For details of how to install MinimStreamer 2, see the Installing page.

For information about playing MPEG-DASH or HLS BBC streams on a UPnP renderer, see this page.

For information about playing HLS BBC streams on an internet radio, see this page.

MinimStreamer is a home hub for network audio streaming and audio stream processing.

MinimStreamer is packaged as an optional extension to MinimServer. You can use MinimStreamer together with MinimServer to do the following:

You can use these features individually or in any combination. For details of how to install and use MinimStreamer, follow the links in the left sidebar.

[NEW] To use MinimStreamer, you need to be running MinimServer 2 (see this page) and you need to have activated a MinimServer 2 full license or trial license. See this page for more information about MinimServer 2 licensing.